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Risk Assessment course for business in Northampton.

This course is taken by the person who is responsible for risk assessment writing within ht company. If you ahead landed on this page, then you’re either in this position are looking to find the right course to pass onto the right person in your business.
We provide thorough and informative Risk Assessment training in Northampton, with the course covering the importance of risk assessments and communicating your findings with staff members,
This course Is designed to make businesses aware of what potential hazards are within the company and finding a solution to lessen the danger of illness or injury.
In every business, in every industry, there will be hazards that could potentially jeopardise the health and safety of employees and visitors. But if you’re in charge of risk assessment, it’s important to take this course and find out exactly what is expected of your role.

This course is suited for any industry and any level of health and safety. The content of this Risk Assessment course is as follows: When you take this course, you can expect the following discussions:


  • What is a risk assessment
  • Why do we need them
  • Accident reduction
  • Reasonably Practicable

Risk Assessment

  • What is a hazard
  • What causes Accidents
  • Lone Worker emergency plan and risk assessment

Provider of Risk Assessment Training in Northampton.

There are a lot of businesses in Northampton; therefore, there will be last of managers that need training in risk assessments. Consequently, we service the Northampton area, providing competitive prices and outstanding classes that are memorable and worth your time.

Furthermore, we don’t beat around the bush. Nor do we provide tiring presentations that will make you fall asleep. Instead, we provide real value, making sure that to guide all our candidates through the course and that we involve them throughout. 

There is a lot to risk assessments than you think, you want to make sure that you are doing everything correctly to ensure that you rent compromising the safety of your employees, colleagues and visitors. One simple assessment error could affect your company and land your hefty fine.

Therefore, in Northampton, we can provide a Risk Assessment course that makes them os too your time and doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. Overall, we exist to provide real value to our clients and ensure that everyone has access to the right risk assessment training. 

It’s an important subject, and from there will make sure that the classes are flexible, interactive and above all, help you to understand what’s expected as effectively as possible. 

So if you’re based in Northampton and looking to understand risk assessments, get in touch for more information. 

How to risk assess

  • 5 stages of risk assessing
  • Identify the Hazard
  • Identify those who may be harmed
  • Evaluate the risks and decide on precaution 
  • Record your findings and implement them
  • Review your assessment and update if necessary

Manual Handling risk assessing

  • Assessing Risks
  • Evaluating  the individual move
  • Examine and controlling Risks using TILE
  • Manual handling risk assessing exercise

Ways to Reduce Risk

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • COSHH Control Measures
  • Ensuring Risks Stay Controlled
  • Emergency Procedures
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