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A Guide To Working From Home Safely

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Our top tips for working from home that ensures you stay healthy and safe Are you working from home? Here at Altta, we understand that many of us are familiar…
Health & Safety in schools

HSE (Health Safety in Education) Should Health & Safety be taught in schools?

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Should Health & Safety be taught within the education curriculum? As you can see from my play on words, this blog is about Health and Safety in education. Should workplace…
Two workers wearing helmets in a warehouse performing a safety check.

Health and Safety Consultant Fined

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How a self-employed consultant was fined for breaching health and safety legislation. Well let’s just say the world at the minute is changing at pace. One thing that is coming…

Fire Safety: Always Expect the Unexpected

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Fires can happen at any time, anywhere - but this was certainly unexpected. This first-person blog was written by the director of Altta. Health and safety risks can happen every…