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Provider of IOSH Managing Safely course in Northampton

Are looking to take responsibility for health and safety in your workplace? Here at Altta Health and Safety, we provide the IOSH Managing Safely course to businesses in Northampton.  

This health and safety course helps those responsible for the safety and welfare of other workers to assess and control workplace risks. This includes evaluating the safety systems already in place within your organisation.

Therefore, if you’re managing a team, we highly advised that you should take our IOSH Managing Safely course. Not only to ensure that you understand why health and safety is important, for moral, legal and financial reasons. But, most importantly, to keep your team safe.

The IOSH Managing Safely course content is as follows:

    • Unit 1: Introducing Managing Safely
    • Unit 2: Assessing risks
    • Unit 3: Controlling risks
    • Unit 4: Understanding responsibilities
    • Unit 5: Understanding hazards
    • Unit 6: Investigating incidents
    • Unit 7: Measuring performance

IOSH Health & Safety training in Northampton

Above all, the IOSH health and safety training will teach you what you need to know. But what makes our training different to other providers is that we ensure our course is engaging and informative, and as a result, we see high levels of pass rates, but most importantly a fun learning environment. 

Additionally, we offer a realistic approach, encouraging the class to be realistic too. This allows us to accurately convey how important IOSH is, teaching you everything that you need to know, with an end test to allow you to confirm your knowledge.

If you are responsible for teams in your business, it’s always better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, and this is exactly what the IOSH Managing Safely training does for you. So, Northampton businesses, to make sure you understand your health and safety responsibilities, we would highly recommend taking up this course.

Know your health and safety responsibilities as a manager

Essentially, we work with managers and executives to teach engaging IOSH Managing Safely courses. Consequently, we take a different approach with our learning, we make sure that the classes are informative but also interactive, allowing you to effectively remember the lessons and put this into the end test.

We’re not a health and safety training provider that expects you to read loads of books and get on with it. We take our time explaining and discussing ideas and thoughts. In addition to activities, we will make sure that you understand everything. You can expect to get involved, with questions, activities and demonstrations taking place to keep the lessons interesting.

So, you’re looking for a informatiove provider of iOSH Managing Safely courses, get in contact with Altta Health and Safety. Overall, we are here to make sure that Northampton businesses have access to worthwhile IOSH training courses.

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