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IOSH Health and Safety Training in Peterborough

IOSH Health and Safety training comes in different courses depending on your needs; here at Altta, based in Peterborough, we provide an IOSH Managing Course and an IOSH Working Safely course. IOSH training is for those who are in the position of having to manage the safety of themselves and others in the workplace. To be able to take our IOSH training, you do not need any previous health and safety knowledge; however, it is adeventegous for your progress if you did. The course is structured to understand why health and safety are essential in the workplace. We will look in detail at three main reasons for having a good safety culture in the workplace, morally, legally and financially.

Our IOSH Health and Safety training is delivered in classroom-based sessions that involve PowerPoint presentations; the format of our teaching approach has open discussion to enable the candidates to talk and discuss what they have learnt to provide a deeper understanding of the course content. Our courses are accessible at our Peterborough venue.

Our Health and Safety training helps candidates realise how they impact the health, safety and well-being of themselves and others within the working environment. The IOSH Working Safely course will also teach candidates to highlight any hazards within the working environment and report them to their manager.

The cost of IOSH Health and Safety training

Our courses vary in price since the time frame of each class is different; our IOSH managing safety course is £495 plus VAT plus a £45 exam fee, while our IOSH Working Safely course is £125 per person plus VAT and the exam fee of £45. Within these prices, each candidate will receive all of our workbooks. Our IOSH training cn take place in our Peterborough, or at one of our other locations.

The IOSH Working Safely course content is as follows:

Module 1: Introducing working safely

Module 2: Defining hazard and risk

Module 3: Identifying common hazards

Module 4: Improving safety performance

Module 5: Protecting our environment

Our instructors at ALTTA have over 15 years of health and safety experience in Transport, Warehousing, Construction, Mechanical, and Hospitality, among other industries.

If you are interested in that taking one of our IOSH course please contact us, or if IOSH isn’t what you’re looking then please browse our other courses.

The IOSH Managing Safely course content is as follows:

Unit 1: Introducing Managing Safely

Unit 2: Assessing risks

Unit 3: Controlling risks

Unit 4: Understanding responsibilities

Unit 5: Understanding hazards

Unit 6: Investigating incidents

Unit 7: Measuring performance