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Your local provider of IOSH health and safety training, Stamford.

If you are in a  position which requires you to manage the safety of yourself and others, the IOSH Managing Safely course is ideal for you. Although you don’t need ti have a health and safety background to take this course, it would give you a great advantage if you did.

Unlike most courses that involve long, repetitive presentations, we take an engaging yet formal approach to training making the days more memorable. We believe that training is valuable when attendees have an interactive and interesting session, this also allows you to more accurately remember your responsibilities.

This course will discuss there importance of health hand safety in the workplace, the topics we cover include:

  • Moral

  • Legal

  • Financial

The course goes into detailed about the devastating effects afflicted through personal injury, as well as the psychological effects that affect the person who could have prevented the accident. We are a IOSH health and safety occurs provider local to Stamford, allowing local employers to access managing safely training. The course involves discussing how to write an effective risk assessment and explain the importance behind this.

IOSH is known as a 5 grid system, this will be taught during your training, it involves looking into the probability and consequences and working out an overall risk rating. As an employer it is essential to ensure that your workplace has a thorough risk assessment to ensure you can prevent accidents and create a safe place for you and your employees. But, it’s not only the employees you need to be concerned for, it’s also the visitors, the public.

Local, fair-priced IOSH Health and Safety Course, Stamford.

We provide a realistic yet fun approach to this course, encouraging people who attend to also follow the realistic setting. For example we know that there is the potential for a paper cut to cause serious injury or even death, but what is the likelihood?

Luckily we are here to make sure that you get your risk assessments right, to ensure that you don’t create too many restrictions and make work impossible. Here local to Stamford, our IOSH health and safety course is completed with a test, allowing candidates to reflect on what they’ve learned, they will also carry at a risk assessment of work practice.

The content is as followed:

  • Unit 1: Introducing Managing Safely
  • Unit 2: Assessing risks
  • Unit 3: Controlling risks
  • Unit 4: Understanding responsibilities
  • Unit 5: Understanding hazards
  • Unit 6: Investigating incidents
  • Unit 7: Measuring performance

This course is completed over 3 days, but the best part? You get complimentary refreshments and a  buffet lunch to get you through the day. What learning academy is better than one that supplies free food and thorough training? Altta Group has a dedicated ethos to provide a fun yet formal experience with all of its IOSH health and safety courses making the course memorable for all candidates.

Our course is £125+VAT per person with a £45 exam fee. All workbooks will be included with this price. We have full designed this course around being interactive and engaging, nobody deserves death by powerpoint.

IOSH health and safety is an important topic and that’s why this course will be heavily tutor led allowing you to remember and involve yourself fight the learning. Unlike online iOSH courses you get 1 to 1 training sessions and a chance to join in with the activities, whereas online courses will also require you to write long emails to get in touch with your training provider. Instead, keep it simple and easy with a face to face classroom course.

Are you looking to take your IOSH health and safety course local to Stamford? Well our bunch of friendly tutors will help you out.

For competitive prices and quality training, contact Altta Group to get yourself qualified:

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