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Level 2 Fire Marshal Training Course for Kettering

We provide access to a level 2 fire marshal training course for businesses in Kettering. We pride ourselves on our teaching, ensuring to provide quality training. But, most importantly, we don’t bore people to death with PowerPoint. Instead, we involve the candidates, encouraging them to partake in interactive activities. Consequently, we achieve higher pass rates.

Ultimately, we believe this helps people retain the information they learn. But also, enables you to have any engaging yet informative course with us. We think a little differently to other training providers. Altta believes in incorporating fun with our learning. Nobody wants to sit around in a classroom and find the sky more amusing outside. As a result, we engage people in the course and its content.

By ensuring that all the information we teach is memorable, we can successfully create qualified and trained fire marshals that will sufficiently look after the fire safety in your business.

This course will discuss all of the roles and responsibilities of a fire marshal and the content of this course is as follows:

  • Explain the cause of a fire in the workplace.
  • Describe the components of the fire triangle.
  • Identify the hazards during or after a fire, including the products of combustion.
  • Describe the characteristics of fire and smoke spread.
  • State the different methods used to identify and control fire hazards.
  • Define the term ‘means of escape’ in relation to fire hazards.
  • Outline typical components for means of escape from fire hazards.
  • Describe methods of fire detection and raising the alarm, the principle of how fires are extinguished and how portable fire-fighting equipment should be used safely.
  • Identify common fixed fire-fighting systems and where they might be used.
  • Outline the duties of employers and employees with respect to fire safety in the workplace.
  • Outline how to undertake a simple fire safety inspection in the workplace.
  • Describe the stages involved in a fire risk assessment.
  • State the role and function of fire wardens in their workplace. This includes: on a day-to-day basis, during an emergency and if they are not in their designated areas of responsibility when the alarm is raised.
  • Outline the content of a fire safety briefing.

Fire Marshal Training For Kettering Businesses

Our course ends with a simple refresher open-response test. This will be to ensure that you have successfully understood all of the course and are now set to be a fire marshal for your business.

Overall, at the end of this course, you will know what is expected of your role and be able to provide the correct fire safety procedures for your company. At Altta, we exist to sufficiently train as many people to be fire wardens so they can provide great safety and fire prevention for business. Saving lives in the process. 

So, if you are searching for a level 2 fire marshal training course in or near Kettering we can provide local access to this course. Prices for this course can be provided on request as we tend to deliver the training on the customer’s premises. Therefore, get in touch for further details. 

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