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A local provider of Abrasive Wheel training, covering Stamford. 

Are you a business that uses abrasive wheels? Have they been a part of abrasive wheel training? Well, here at Altta, we provide abrasive wheel training to Stamford businesses.

Did you know that half of all accidents involving abrasive wheels are due to the wrong type of wheel being fitted to the tool? When using abrasive wheels, the most dangerous part of out all is changing out the wheel. If this is carried out incorrectly, wheels can shatter and burst to cause serious injury and in extreme cases, even death.

That is why we offer comprehensive abrasive wheel training in Stamford. It is a legal requirement under The Provision & Use Of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. All staff who use abrasive wheels must receive training in the safe use of the machinery.

Course Content:

  • Provides an outline of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
  • Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.
  • Safety in the use of abrasive wheels HSG17.
  • Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1998.
  • The correct use of PPE.
  • Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels.
  • Markings/identification of an abrasive wheel.
  • Methods of storing, handling & transporting of abrasive wheels.
  • Mounting procedures & precautions of abrasive wheels.
  • Diamond Wheels.
  • Electric and Petrol Machines.
  • Safe use of machines and equipment.
  • Hand Arm Vibration
  • Noise at work regulations 2005
  • Management Health and safety 1999
  • Theory Paper and Practical assessment of fitting a wheel

Why do we provide Stamford businesses abrasive wheel training?

Ultimately, we want to help as many people as we can be professionally qualified and trained in the correct use of abrasive wheels. Altta now provides an Abrasive Wheel training course local to Stamford, allowing more workers access to competitively priced, high-quality training. We are dedicated to providing an engaging yet formal approach to your training. Instead of death by PowerPoint, we make sure you leave with real value. Overall, we believe this makes the course more memorable and enjoyable, leading to greater long-lasting results.

The main reason why these courses are important is that they save lives. You never think it will happen to you. However, this is never certain. Not only that, but using an abrasive wheel without the correct training, you are breaking the law. Many businesses have been prosecuted and expected to pay between £10,000-£28,000+.

With the correct training in place, you can avoid devastating consequences. Therefore, taking our course will ensure you safe and meet legal requirements.

During your course, your instructor will use actual equipment. As well as practical training, you will also receive a theoretical approach. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the machine is within expectation dates. Consequently, the candidate will need to wear the correct PPE, with a minimum B grade goggle or face shield. There should also be a suitable space for the theory side of the course to take place.

Professional and qualified abrasive wheel instructors

Our Abrasive Wheel training is thorough and formative, we will ensure to guide you through the whole process ensuring that the information is memorable and effective. This course is available near Stamford, allowing everyone to have access to competitive priced abrasive wheel training.

It’s of paramount importance that everyone has access to safe and expert training facilities and Altta is here to provide just that. So, if you believe you could benefit from our abrasive wheel training for Stamford businesses – get in touch. 

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